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According to a Wells Fargo Gallup poll, while most investors say they have no interest in ever buying bitcoin, a

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Earlier this week, there were over digital currencies with a market cap above $1 billion. Dogecoin crossed the $2 billion

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Stellar’s price has soared in the past few days, giving this digital currency a market capitalization of over $15.7 billion,

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Over the past few days, Ripple has overtaken Ethereum and became the second most valuable digital currency. The market capitalisation

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At the same time as Bitcoin is soaring to new heights on a daily – or even hourly – basis,

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The IOTA Foundation, the German organisation that oversees the IOTA virtual currency, has announced it is teaming up with Microsoft,

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There are currently 110 digital currency hedge funds in existence, representing $2.2 bln in assets, with over eighty digital currency

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The growth of bitcoin derivatives is another step toward the development of the digital currency as an established asset class. 

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Trading 212’s app is currently the most popular trading app in the UK, from trading shares, commodities and now crypto-currencies.

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After the creation of Bitcoin Cash (BTC) in August this year, Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is Bitcoin‘s latest hard fork. Bitcoin Gold

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